Your choice of bookkeeping system will depend on the size and complexity of your business.  The main choices are to use a manual cashbook, Excel spreadsheet, Sage software, or a specialist farm system such as Sum-It or Farmplan.

So which one is best for you and your farm business?

  • For smallholdings, a manual cashbook is often more than adequate as a basis for VAT Returns and year end accounts.
  • As the business grows a simple Excel spreadsheet will help keep things straight and provide better analysis.
  • Once you require Management Accounts for either yourself or the bank then a computerised system can provide cost savings, provided you are properly trained to use it!
  • If your business has grown over the last few years, it may mean the need to computerise your records so that results can be monitored on a regular basis.  But which software is right for your business?
  • If you do not feel confident to use a computerised package yourself, you may consider using a farm secretary.

So, don’t put up with a Pig, adopt the right bookkeeping system to save time, money and frustration!

For a free appraisal of your bookkeeping system please contact:

Sophie Howard ACA, Jonathan Crowther FCA or Nichola Cook at

Pershore (01386 552644) or Ledbury (01531 631500)