We are pleased to report on the relaunch of a local IT support company based in Pershore.  The information below has been provided by iTechIT to explain the range of computer services they offer to local businesses.

iTech IT- Simplifying I.T.

Established in the 1980’s as Computer Power, iTechIT Ltd has over 20 years of experience with business based I.T. and we would like this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves.  We are a local company based in the Pershore area and we offer a complete IT solution for small to medium sized business.

We offer a range of services to suit your business; we can cover any aspect of IT no matter how big or small. Our branded products and services include:

iTech WebGuard

  • Allows you to protect your business from employees who spend too much time visiting websites instead of actually working. We use an advanced managed web filtering service ensuring that employees are prevented from visiting unapproved web sites.

iTech Backup

  • We offer a unique offsite backup; your server and backup hard drive may be damaged due to operation error, disaster, hardware failure or corruption. The data onsite could be rendered useless and the offsite copy may be all you have to restore your critical data. Every evening an ongoing backup is sent to a secure offsite data storage centre where it can be recalled following disaster. This means we can get you back up and running again the same day.

iTech SpamGuard

  • We use barracuda web filter where your emails undergo a 12 point check leaving your inbox SPAM and virus free. SPAM-Guard includes all the features needed to eliminate your spam and completely protect your email server from all forms of attack. Email may be blocked, quarantined, tagged, or delivered based on the policies of the organisation or the preferences of the individual user.

iTech Support

  • We provide the confidence to our clients that their IT systems will reliably support them in their business. All packages are designed to a customer’s specific requirements ensuring that we’ve got something for everyone no matter how large or small at competitive prices.

iTech MOT

  • We will check your complete network for potential hardware and software problems. Our 8 point check will ensure your network is running at optimum performance.

With the recent floods in the vale, many companies found out the hard way their disaster recovery strategy was insufficient.  Damaged equipment could not be recovered as the data on tapes was corrupt or simply not there.  As a result many experienced over a week’s downtime losing vital emails and customer information. iTechBackup offers a unique offsite back where we can have you up and running again the same day.

To introduce ourselves we would like to offer a FREE no obligation 90 day  iTechSpamGuard Trial this will block 99% of spam emails and give you a daily report keeping your inbox completely safe from attack.


Please call Marianne Day for more information, initial presentation and no obligation quotation free of charge on 01386 555344 or email marianne@itechit.co.uk