Here are five questions we invite new clients to ask us:

Q1       What are the firm’s qualifications and experience?

“Our team” section on our website gives you some detail on the experience and qualifications of our team.

Q2       Can you offer client testimonials and examples of success with clients?

We always preserve the confidentiality of our clients and so we do not publish any client lists.  However, if you would like to discuss our services with an existing client in your business sector, please ask and we will approach one or two clients to see if they are prepared to speak to you about us.

Q3       How transparent are your costs, and who delivers your services?

Please review our fee quote and menu of services in this section of our website, then ask us for a fixed fee quotation tailored to the services you require.

Q4       Why pay more than if I use a sole practitioner (qualified or not)?

The size, nature and complexity of your business AND your desire to become ever more successful will determine your answer to this.

Q5       What added value can you provide?

Over and above all areas covered by our menu of services, we provide the opportunity for regular contact with our senior team, and business advice and support on any area of your business.  If we do not have that specific skill we will know someone who does.

We are very happy to discuss these questions further with new or potential clients.