Social Media
Our adventure in social media

We are fortunate to have Claire Perkins who not only looks after our reception and admin at Pershore, but she also takes care of our marketing activities.  In March 2013 we decided to take a look at how the firm might use Social Media in its marketing and the last 6 months have been a real adventure for us and it has changed many of our pre-conceived ideas.

We have therefore asked Claire to write a blog about her experienses to date.

Read on for Claire’s report…

My report begins in March 2013 when I was asked to look at the use of Facebook and Twitter as part of my 2013/14 marketing activities for the firm.

22/3/13 – Initial Social Media Workshop

Jonathan and I attended a workshop on social media provided by NinetyFive Creative.  It was a very interesting session and a first insight into the world of social media.  We were initially very sceptical about how social media (Twitter in particular) would work for a professional firm.

Following the workshop it became clear that it was something that we would like to look into further and so we contacted Amy Bayliss at NinetyFive Creative to see if she would help us grow and understand the use of social media for a professional firm.

12/4/13 – our first training session with NinetyFive Creative

The aim of the session … to teach us Twitter! And the ins and outs of ‘tweeting’ and ‘following’.  The first job was to set up a Twitter account to get up and running.

26/4/13 – Session 2

As we got to grips with Twitter itself, we then focussed on using HootSuite which is a scheduling software which enables tweets to be scheduled in advance of when wanting to be sent out.  HootSuite can also be linked to your Facebook page and to LinkedIn, so that any tweet can be posted on all three at the same time (if relevant).

22 May 2013 – Directors Meeting

Set up strategy target – 250 followers by 30/9/13 and 400 by 31/3/14

Sophie to take on promotion of Facebook as our business page only had “19 Likes”

29/5/13 – our final session (left to our own devices hereon after!)

This session was basically a follow up on our understanding of Twitter.  We were also shown Klout which is a website which shows your ‘scoring’ on social media connections.  The target for the year is to reach a Klout score of 55 by 31 March 2014.

Google Analytics – to monitor this – to increase to 200 per month – set up Goals.

Agreed to separate the farming Twitter Account from General as they have quite different followers.  Jonathan agreed to deal with the farming activity such as #AgriChatUK.

4 July 2013 – Directors Meeting

New Marketing Strategy discussed with Directors

7/8/13 – numbers so far!

Twitter – following 480; followers 475

Facebook – “68 Likes”

Klout score – 44

August has been a quiet month due to holidays but we are now have over 500 followers on Twitter and this is proving to be a good medium for general “name awareness” andwe are pleased we started out on this “adventure”.

Our plans for the coming months include personalising our tweets and developing more links to our website which is also about to undersgo a bit of a facelift.

It has been a learning experience and a lot of fun but at the same time it does have a serious business message from a marketing perspective.

Claire Perkins (updated to 5/9/13)