We recently asked one of our newly qualified Accountants to share his journey with us.

“The road through my ACCA studies taught me lots about myself that I didn’t know before, I learnt how determined I am to accomplish the best results and how many hours have to be spent practicing to achieve something big.”

Daniel Bird ACCA

When you attend your first course and are presented with a 900-page textbook on tax to learn in six weeks I think it is completely normal to second guess your decision and think what else you could do with your career that would not require as much will power. When you discuss with fellow students how many exams they have passed and the horror stories they have heard of the more advanced exams it creates a ladder of progression in your mind and you vision how long it may take you to work your way through the qualification.

The exams are very challenging and require lots of dedication and time to pass. When faced with pass rates of just 29% for some papers you instantly realise that corners cannot be cut. I have never attended a course where they do not provide you with the resources to pass so be confident, what you put in you get out. Crowthers offered me the most time of any of my previous employers to study and this was obviously a great help because working at the same time as sitting exams means spare time is scarce.   

The wait for results is almost unbearable as the results come out six weeks after your exam and by that time you may have already started your next course. Each student has their own way of approaching results day, either staying awake until midnight and staring at their phone waiting for the imminent text or as I did wake up in the morning and open my latest email hoping to see the word “PASS” on the screen.

You’ll progress as quickly as you can through the exams dodging re-sits like the plague. As your excitement grows at the thought of almost being finished, you’ll find by this point you’re probably boring friends to death with stories of what you’d like to do when qualified and how long it is until your next exam result is released. Towards the end of my studies I was finding myself saying “hello” to people I recognised in the library from studying for my thirteen previous exams and receiving a look of confusion in return.

Ask anyone who has completed ACCA or ACA and they will tell you that it was one of the best feelings when they qualified because it’s a reward for all the hard work. My journey involved evening and weekend studying, three different colleges and four different exam halls but I wouldn’t change any of it for the sense of achievement at the end. They say that you don’t have a life for three years when studying which is almost true but don’t worry even colleges are closed on bank holidays. If you’re hard working and ambitious I highly recommend giving it a go.

If something is worth having, it’s worth working for.

Daniel Bird – Qualified Accountant