Crowthers have recently made an appearance in the West Midlands edition of the NFU British Farmer and Grower magazine.  Our R&D client, Derek Jarman who is a director of Hayloft Plants Limited, was singing our praises for the R&D tax savings we have helped his company generate.

Hayloft is a Worcestershire based mail order company that grows a variety of perennials, annuals and shrubs which are delivered by post right to the customers door.  

Hayloft prides its self on being able to provide the customer with a complete package from offering a substantial range of plants and sourcing unique varieties, to growing and cultural information on the welfare of the plants they deliver.  For more information on the products and services that Hayloft offer see their website

In recent years Hayloft have concentrated on developing a software to monitor stock, enhancing plant welfare and health and integrating automated processes all of which have elements which qualify for R&D tax relief. 

On the face of it Hayloft does not appear to be a company that you would readily associate with R&D tax relief, however Crowthers R&D team have worked with Hayloft to identify the qualifying expenditure that they have incurred.

To Hayloft’s delight, Crowthers have successfully completed three R&D claims so far, generating total corporation tax savings in excess of £200,000.

Read Derek Jarman’s Article about Hayloft Plants here…