Jonathan Crowther

Why choose Crowthers  for your tax mitigation advice…

Our aim is to help you achieve your objectives and arrange your affairs in order to pay as little tax as is legally possible.

The Crowthers tax team is led by Jonathan Crowther but he involves all of our senior team members across the four offices.  

Most of our clients require the preparation of tax returns and this work is usually carried out by the main contact whether it is a business services client or farmer.  

However, some clients affairs are so complex they are handled by a small specialist team headed by Jonathan.  This team handles personal tax planning which includes both Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT). 

See our blog on how our tax planning services work.

What services we offer…

For the choice of business structure, extraction of funds, selling a business asset, retirement etc come and speak to us for a simple no nonsence approach to tax mitigation and planning.

We have been heavily involved in CGT mitigation work for development projects and this includes looking at retirement and occasion planning.  See our blog on Entrepreneurs Relief.

Tax planning for landlords with the ever changing legislation is a major part of our work.  See our blog on the latest developments. 

We also offer tax advice on Trusts, pension planning and investment planning and investment policy.

Our value for money promise…

We do not recommend that any of our clients become included with aggressive tax planning schemes that are often highlighted in the media.  We believe there are many legal and perfectly acceptable opportunities  for clients to organise their affairs in order to take full advantage of acceptable reliefs and incentives that are commonly available.

Our common sense approach to tax mitigation is at the heart of all of our tax affair services.

Nikki and Sara

For an initial free consultation…

Please contact:

Ian Cooke (Herefordshire)

Nikki Walding (Worcstershire)

Sara Crowther (Gloucestershire)

Sophie Howard (Farming)